Asked Questions

Is EWE (sheep) Milk Healthy?

Ewe milk is nutrient rich, filled with good fats, vitamins & minerals. It's naturally homogenised meaning the fat globules are smaller and are dispersed evenly within the milk. This makes it tricky to make butter with as the fat globules don't clump together like they would easily for cows milk. It's also packed with A2 protein which makes it quicker and easier for the body to digest.

For all of those reasons everyone should be drinking more of it, not just those with an intolerance to dairy!

Sheep don't require a special diet to make great tasting milk, all they need is the green stuff, grass to keep them happy!

When Is Your Butter Made?

When the lambs have fattened up we get to make our butter weekly from fresh pasteurised organic milk during Spring - Summer. I don't keep a lot of stock on hand as we're boutique and can only make small batches at a time.

You'll find us in the production kitchen Mon - Wed but am available by phone. Just leave a txt if you can't get through.

I'm Worried My Order Will Melt!

No worries!

We'll package up your bundle for a safe journey and we only use chilled and frozen carriers to move our products.

If there is a chance you won't be around for the delivery, leave a chilly bin with ice packs out with a note for our driver, to keep your order fresh till you get home.


If you're interested in buying bulk, flick us an email. We'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

What Can I Do With The Packaging?

All of our packaging can be re-used and recycled kerbside! And our suppliers are committed to producing sustainable products.

If you've built up a collection of our jars or bottles and you're not sure what to do with them, check out your local schools as they're always looking for craft supplies and our bottles can be a place to store worm wee for community gardening groups. But if you live local to me please drop your jars into these guys as they fill it with delicious curd or jams for their community food stall.

The wool insulation that came in your box is biodegradable and compostable. Wool will insulate your garden bed by keeping it cool in summer or warm in winter. It retains moisture so is great spread out over your garden as a mulch or blanket to keep the frost off. It can also make a snug pet bed!

How Does Shipping Work


Our office is based on Auckland's North Shore. To get same day delivery to the North Shore or CBD please get your order into us before 8am.

We only use chilled and frozen carriers to deliver our products so we can get it to where it needs to go either the same day or over night. But if you're in the South Is. we will need an extra day or 2.

Due to rate increases from our carriers our shipping costs may change without notice.