Haere mai!

We’re a little creamery doing extraordinary things!

Whilst it’s been done for centuries not many kiwi’s know about dairy sheep or milking a ewe. So it’s not quite the norm… yet!

It’s so much more than just another milk or dairy alternative.  Based on the research done here and abroad its staggering why we’re not doing more of it.  Sheep milk is dense in nutrients and famous for producing delicious cheese and yoghurt.

We’ve sourced only the best quality sheep milk where its handcrafted and churned in small batches. Things are kept simple, nothing is added that doesn’t need to be so all the milky goodness really shines.

Think pillowy mounds of luxuriously creamy butter, add a drop or two of our milk to your coffee for richness or indulge in our decadent gelato.

Indulge in something special.

Taste Hello Ewe.

Delicate and silky, creamy and sweet is how we’d describe natural sheep milk.  We went back to our first love, te whenua.  Hello Ewe is a celebration of hipi and our passion for delicious food. Every lid that pops is just like your first.

Whangaia te tinana, whangaia te hinengaro, whangaia te wairua



Who’ve helped make Hello Ewe what it is – something truly unique