Haere mai

Hello Ewe sheep milk butter gelato

Indulge in something special.

Taste Hello Ewe.

Delicate and silky, creamy and sweet is how we’d describe natural sheep milk. We went back to our first love, te whenua.  Hello Ewe is a celebration of hipi and our passion for delicious food. Every lid that pops is just like your first.

Whangaia te tinana, whangaia te hinengaro, whangaia te wairua


It all started in a pokey kitchen with a kitchen aid.

Now we’re whipping it up in the Hawkes Bay and making more than just butter! We want to keep it local, that’s important to us and producing top-quality dairy products for the little adventurous kiwi and the lovers of fine food - Hello Ewe is for you

Natural Goodness

Nothing fancy here. Just NZ's best ewes raised on sunshine and lots of grass. That's all you need to make the finest sheep milk!